We’ve been elevating homes for many years, and have the knowledge to provide the right advice to help you on your journey. Here are some of our most frequently asked questions.

How do I start the renovation process?
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Make sure you start by selecting the right builder. Credibility, experience and service is crucial from the start and throughout your renovation journey.  

Your first consultation with NZ Proud is carried out by a qualified and licensed Contracts Manager whose primary goal is to gather information and give you advice on your vision so you have the right information to make informed decisions. You can get started by contacting us here, and answer all the prompted questions as best you can, and we'll book a site visit at the earliest convenience.

What should I consider when doing a home, kitchen or bathroom renovation?
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Early planning is critical for a successful renovation journey. Before you contact a build company or designer for advice, consider the ultimate result you’re trying to achieve. Are you after more space, or would you like to upgrade your kitchen or bathroom? And think about why you’d like to renovate -  is your family growing, are you working from home, or is your home old and out-dated?. Equally important is the budget, not what you think the build will cost but what you can afford. Talk to your bank or a broker to see what your total budget could be before you engage anyone else. With that information you can present your vision and budget to your potential builder or designer with clarity. Having that information is so helpful when offering advice and executing your dream home renovation. Here are some further tips on kitchen and bathroom renovations.

How much is my home extension going to cost?
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The most common question we get asked in the first consultation with our clients is “can you give me a ballpark figure?”. We'd love to be able to give an idea straight away, however, this comes down to many factors, with the most important one being what your budget is. Learn more about this here.

Can NZ Proud help me design my renovation?
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NZ Proud is a design, build & project management company which means we can help our customers throughout the entire renovation process. We have a strong, collaborative relationship with Pou Architecture. Pou can take your vision from concept to consent and collaborate with NZ Proud to ensure your home is both beautiful and practical. You can find out more here.

Do I need council consent for my renovations?
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In most cases yes, consent may be required. Some smaller projects such as kitchen and bathroom renovations, may not require a building consent if the renovation is a simple upgrade of what's existing. NZ Proud can provide information to help you make an informative decision in relation to the need for building consent. Our Contracts Managers have a wealth of experience in compliance requirements when renovating existing properties. We also have Pou Architecture as a collaborative partner to act as your agent for planning and providing consented plans to the local council for building consent. You can find out more about council consent here.

Who is responsible for getting council consent?
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Homeowners are responsible for any works carried out on their property. As a homeowner you need to be confident that any project you wish to undertake does or does not require consent, and should it require consent follow the correct steps. It is also the homeowner’s responsibility to acquire building consent and ensure a licensed tradesman carries out the project as per the consented plans. That's why it’s important to engage the right professionals. NZ Proud helps you through this process to engage the right agent (Architect) to act on your behalf to produce the right information for a building consent.

Does pricing my renovation project incur any up front costs?
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There is a wealth of work invested into pricing and scoping our clients renovation projects as it is crucial to deliver early information accurately for a stress free build. Most smaller projects like bathroom & kitchen renovations are free to provide pricing however when your project requires design and consent there is likely to be pricing charges. If a building professional offers free quotes, consider the value you get from the end result. NZ Proud can provide you with a pricing fee proposal at the first consultation so you know exactly what you’re in for and can be confident the pricing package provided has great value.

How long will my renovation take to complete?
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We can all appreciate that each renovation project is different to the next. We treat every project with the respect it deserves and will take our time to get it right the first time. Smaller renovations like bathroom and kitchen upgrades can take around a couple weeks to price & approximately four to six weeks to complete. Larger alteration and extension projects could take three to four months to get plans prepared with the detail required to provide pricing and may take approximately four to six months to complete.

Do you provide Project Management for my home, kitchen or bathroom renovation?
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From the first consultation right through to the completion of your project NZ Proud will provide the services of a qualified and licensed Contracts Manager as well as an experienced Project Manager for your renovation project. They are the primary people who will scope, price and manage your project. NZ Proud has a philosophy of the right person for the right job. We believe having qualified and licensed personnel taking care of you is critical for a stress-free and enjoyable renovation process. You can find out more about our project process here.

Do I have to organise plumbers, electricians and other sub tradies?
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At NZ Proud we have a fantastic hub of local subcontractors and suppliers so everything you need for your project we can help with.

Why should I use a licensed builder?
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Having confidence in any tradesman working on any project within your home should be priority number one. If you are using a builder for any type of building project you should have reassurance that they have experience and are qualified in their field of expertise. A Licensed Building Practitioner is registered and has credibility that they can provide enough experience to complete required work within the legislative requirements of their LBP accreditation. NZ Proud's carpenters are not only qualified carpenters, but all hold up to date LBP in Carpentry. You can find out more about our approach here.

Do you guarantee your work?
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NZ Proud are Registered Master Builders and can provide our projects with the comprehensive Master Build 10 year guarantee for projects over $30k in value. The Master Build 10 year guarantee is optional but highly recommended for all eligible clients.

What financing options does NZ Proud offer?
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NZ Proud can work with a local mortgage broker who can help advise on your budget and financial plan for any renovation project. It's recommended you discuss your financial position prior to engaging any builder as it's a critical piece of information to provide accurate advice.


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