What to consider for a large renovation or home extension

When your family is growing or life has thrown you a curveball and your home no longer suits your lifestyle, it may be time to consider altering the footprint or extending your home. It's a big job and there’s a lot to consider. Here’s some tips to get you on the right track.

What to consider for a large renovation or home extension

a job well done continues to stand the test of time

Write down your renovation priorities

Right before you contact anyone think about a few key things:

  • What are your primary & secondary goals? (prioritising what's most important)
  • Who lives in the house and what do they all need?
  • How long do you plan on staying?
  • What are your budget restraints? (It's crucial you know what you can afford from the outset)

Updating your existing property on a large scale is a big and costly undertaking but the result will change you and your family's life. Take a bit of time to work together on the priorities.

Ensure your designer and builder can collaborate

There’s quite a few parties involved in a large alteration/house extension project, and it's crucial they all work together. At the beginning ensure both your designer and builder work together so there is a combined effort on the creative and practical perspective on design.  

Get organised for Consent and interactions with your Council

Yup, you’re going to need building consent and have to interact with your local council. Your architect is likely to act on your behalf, but it's not always straightforward. A critical consideration is the need for flexibility on time. Ask your designer for a timeline to guide the process, but have an open mind. Consents are very rarely straightforward and fast.  

What to consider during the build

From start to finish there are many complexities, so having the right tools in the toolbox is key to your project’s success. At NZ Proud we have some great technology to manage the project's scope and budget. Technology has evolved to provide project management tools that can automate and provide notifications during a renovation project. In addition to managing the build, think about the fact you may not be able to live at the property while it's being renovated due to health and safety, and could disrupt the build progress. Also consider the timing so you could take a long vacation or stay with friends and family during the build process. Work flexibly with your builder so you can both ensure everyone's needs are inclusive.

What to expect at completion

As your renovation is coming to an end there's some things to keep in mind. You will be provided warranty information on products and services, compliance documents for code of compliance, and maintenance information to ensure you look after your home after it is completed. At NZ Proud we keep in touch after every project is completed to maintain a working relationship and ensure your home is as we left it. It's important to us that a job well done continues to stand the test of time.

Undertaking a house extension or large renovation is a big project, but the end result is going to determine your lifestyle for many years to come. Working together with your building professional is all about a long term relationship and a little pre-planning on your behalf will make that journey all that bit easier. NZ Proud love changing lives, and it's so important to us to build long term partnerships with people.


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