Tips for Kitchen & Bathroom renovations

It's true, kitchen and bathroom renovations are the most crucial upgrade to your home. They are generally the most used areas of your home by the family. They also add the most value when it comes time to sell. Often, they’ll be the first thing you’ll renovate when you buy a home. Read on for our most useful tips on Kitchen and Bathroom renovations.

Tips for Kitchen & Bathroom renovations

Don’t underestimate the need for quality project management

Consider design and functionality

First things first, consider the overall design. The layout of your bathroom or kitchen renovation needs to be sleek but functional. Consider who will be using the space so there is relative versatility across the household. For example, kids, especially teenage girls will need a lot of storage space. If you have babies or toddlers you might want a good sized bath, where teenagers may love a long shower. In a kitchen, storage space and accessibility should be on the list during the design process. Believe it or not, the cool stuff like tapware, tiles, bench tops and appliances is the easiest part of the design. Creating functionality, versatility and aesthetic appeal should be the priority.

Check if you need consent  

Yup, that word again, consent. It is likely in some cases you’ll need consent. For example, in a bathroom if you are installing a wet area tiled shower you will need consent to inspect the waterproofing installation. If you are taking out a wall to increase size and space for your kitchen it may be a structural element of your home so you’ll need a structural engineer and building consent. But don’t worry, these types of consents are easy and your NZ Proud builder is able to help manage this.

Another consideration is compliance and finishing to the building standards for safety and longevity. All bathrooms need safety glass so if you are renovating check the windows, they may need reglazing to meet the standard or replacing altogether. And ensure the products and appliances installed are compliant and fit for purpose. Flooring products must meet wet area standards among other product and installation guidelines which NZ Proud can help guide you on. Don’t cut corners on compliance requirements, it’ll likely cost you later.

Consider project management

Managing bathroom and kitchen renovations takes a certain amount of experience and expertise. There are a large number of subcontractors and products to consider. At NZ Proud we have a great hub of subcontractors and strong working relationships with suppliers to ease the burden of project planning and product selection. Don’t underestimate the need for quality project management. The bathroom or kitchen renovation space may be small but needs a lot of foresight to plan and execute with the least amount of stress.

Think about the quality of your products and the value they will add

A bathroom and kitchen renovation is going to gain the most amount of value in your home and therefore it's fair to say it requires the largest amount of investment. It is an area you should not skimp on. That doesn’t mean to say you’ll need to have the most expensive products and design but there is a huge gap between value and quality. Investing money into quality products is crucial. Low value plumbing supplies have lesser warranty periods for a reason, and in some cases subcontractors may refuse to install them because they know they will fail sooner rather than later. Quality building materials are also crucial for the sustainability of construction and compliance. A good builder won’t allow low value and low quality products.  

Take the advice from your NZ Proud Contracts Manager and the hub of subcontractors. We execute hundreds of bathroom and kitchen renovations so we can confidently provide quality advice for a quality result.


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