Why you need Project management for your renovation

A house renovation of any scale is an exciting step to achieve your dream home, but it’s also a big job with many complexities. It involves a large amount of professionals and products, so it’s best to leave it to the professionals.

Why you need Project management for your renovation


A house renovation of any scale is an exciting step to achieve your dream home, but it’s also a big job with many complexities. It involves a large amount of professionals and products, so it’s best to leave it to the professionals. That's not to say you are kept out of the loop, it's critical as the customer you have a connection from start to finish. However managing all the complexities is a stressful process so having NZ Proud manage that all for you is money well spent. Here’s how our project management brings your project to life and runs it smoothly.

Planning with the right technology

First things first is obviously quality planning. NZ Proud utlisie automated technology to input a professionally formulated project plan including every build stage, product delivery, compliance inspection and subcontractors so there’s little risk of something being missed. The technology also sends notifications to parties advising of a due task or any change to the project plan. This project planning is also part of how the price is formulated, so it's easy to see if there is a change to the project plan that could impact the estimate. Having technology on our side reduces the risk of human error and improves productivity.

Effectively managing product supply and ordering

At NZ Proud we have 3 stages to effectively managing product supply and ordering:

  1. Selecting the right products (this isn't just picking cool stuff but compliant stuff. It should be included in the design stage and collaborated between builder and designer so when we get the plans we know exactly what we’re pricing for and ordering when pricing is accepted)
  2. Quantifying Accurately (It might seem obvious but every product needs to be quantified accurately to consider waste and fit within what has been designed. For example sheet cladding vs. weatherboards require a different calculator to consider waste and fit.)
  3. Delivery scheduling (We all know some items take longer to get to us than others so the overall project plan can be impacted by the delivery schedule.)

We ensure these 3 stages are managed efficiently and with continuity. We collaborate with the designer on product selection to ensure it's what the customer will like and is practical. We have quantifying tools to ensure correct waste management and allowances for each project stage. And, we have done the due diligence on identifying quality manufacturers and suppliers so products are both of a high quality and available when we need them.

Managing subcontractors

There are a lot of professionals on every build like plumbers, electricians, decorators, tilers, excavators, bricklayers, roofers, just to name a few. Of course it's critical they are all working well together for the best result and a low stress build. Collaborating with all subcontractors at the job creation stage is an important part of managing your project. At NZ Proud we send all subcontractors our scope of work so they can participate in advising on the best way to execute the project plan. Having long term working relationships with each subcontractor means we can work together rather than dictate ineffective planning. We respect and value the input of these guys, and we believe in the right person for the right job.

Monitoring progress

This is where the use of technology really comes into play. The tech we use automates updates on progress and links everyone to how things are going. NZ Proud sends weekly progress reports and monitors the project plan every week so any updates or changes are managed in real time. You’d think this is obvious but a single product delay or sick subcontractor can have a massive impact on the original project plan. Our project manager has to update the entire schedule in most cases, no easy task. The technology eases the burden and keeps us all updated on every project's progress.

Managing the budget

You may have guessed that our technology actually links back to the financial performance of your project, and is another reason why we have a distinct advantage over the build. As we mentioned earlier, our project planning is part of how the price is formulated so it can link together to help us monitor the budget effectively in real time. It’s also a big advantage having weekly invoicing terms so every stage is accounted for every week.

A successful handover

At completion we don’t just hand over the keys and pat ourselves on the back. There’s a lot of compliance requirements to acquire code of compliance as well as a handover pack to ensure our customer is provided with all the relevant warranty and maintenance documentation.  Handover is just as important as the original first stage planning. At NZ Proud we also keep in touch after your project is finished. We’ll touch base 3 times within the following 12 months of completion to make sure everything is as we left it and of course our customer is continually satisfied. If not, we’ll put it right.

In essence, project management of your renovation no matter the size is a big job and experience and relationships is what makes it that little bit easier for everyone. If you’re planning a house extension, bathroom renovation or alteration to your home don’t burden yourself with the mountain of planning and management, leave it to the experts at NZ Proud.


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