Why choose Registered Master Builders?

There are a wealth of builders and building companies available for your next renovation project. Picking the right one can be a challenge, but utilising the Registered Masterbuilders group of members can simplify the process.

Why choose Registered Master Builders?

working with the best of the best

Have confidence in craftsmanship and credibility

Firstly, in order for a builder to be a member of Master Builders they have had to go through a rigorous application process. The process includes analysing their portfolio of existing works including on-site assessments, their business sustainability including submitting financial records, and an interview process led by long term experienced Master Build members. Of course they will need to be licensed and carry a current Licensed Building Practitioner (LBPs) accreditation. What this means for you, is you can have confidence that a Registered Master Builder has been assessed for craftsmanship and credibility as a quality operator.

Know they’re hugely supported

The Registered Master Builders Association has a wealth of ongoing support for their members.  Every Master Builders regional branch has an executive committee of highly skilled business owners and professionals, as well as subcommittees specifically to support training and mentoring. Master Builders have some high tech online support tools including an online training platform called Elevate. This includes a wealth of webinars and training videos specific to the things builders need to consider for quality business execution, upskilling, client management and maintaining their LBP accreditation.  

The Registered Master Builders Association also has incredible support with legal requirements.  The RMBA contracts are some of the best in the country and are well recognised by third parties that customers will need to involve. They have excellent mediation support avenues should you need to get advice and support with a dispute so both the builder and client are supported no matter what happens.

You’re working with the best of the best

Only Registered Master Builders members can participate in House of the Year (HOY) and Apprentice of the Year (AOY) competitions. They are the peak of quality within the building industry. Participants not only gain recognition if they are awarded success in these competitions but receive a lot of insight on how to achieve HOY & AOY standards. These competitions are a massive asset to members and for our clients to confirm participating building companies are striving to be the top performing builders and apprentices in the industry.

You’re protected with a Master Build 10-Year Guarantee

When you work with a Registered Master Builder, you can choose to be protected with the Master Builders 10 year Guarantee. This ensures that in the unlikely event that something does go wrong with your home build or renovation, Registered Master Builders will help resolve any issues and finish your home to the highest standard. This is still the best building guarantee in the market, and provides further confidence in supporting customers during and after their building project. It's also very cost effective at a cost generally less than 1% of the build cost. In essence it is far better than the legislative cover consumers receive so is something that is highly recommended to acquire.

In summary, Master Builders members are still the best option when choosing your next builder for your home renovation, alteration or extension.


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